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Congratulations to the new fighters in the Revills Development Squad 2023

Development Squad 2023

Development Squad 2023

Jaelee Limon

Noah Piper

Reagan Tukerangi

Roman Makoare

Roshank Saini

Sidney Mitchell


As coaches, we are very excited to announce the 2023 up-and-coming fighters who have been selected to be part of the Development Squad.

The coaches have watched these members train hard and show commitment to the art of Boxing. They have improved their skills and fitness and are now only a few steps away from crossing through the ropes for their first fight.

The development squad boxers have had their books ordered and will need to complete a few steps to finalise their spot over the next week.

1. Make sure your membership fees are up to date

2. We need a passport photo for each of you

3. You will need to pay $15 online this week for your book You can pay here

4. Train, Train, Train. Keep working on your fitness. Attend as many sessions as you can and make sure you are running when not at the gym.

Read below for more details.

For those wanting to join the squad, keep training hard. Our coaches are always looking for the next fighter who is committed and wants to cross through the ropes.

We encourage you to jump online and purchase your Revill's supporters T-shirts. It is a great way to show your support when your child, or friend is stepping into the ring!

T-Shirts available here

Development Squad

What do you need to do?

  1. Membership fees must be up to date at Revills.
  2. Fitness is a key factor in boxing, you must maintain a level of fitness that your coach is happy with. This includes keeping regular attendance at training and ensuring outside of the gym you are working on your fitness levels.
  3. Competition Book
    1. You need to obtain a Boxing New Zealand competition book, which will record all your details, the results of all your bouts and your medical records. The competition book is your boxing passport. No competition book, no fight. Simple as that.
      1. How do you get a competition book? This will be supplied to you by your coach or gym. Boxing Book is $15
    2. Once you have your book you will then require medical examination before being allowed to box. Make an appointment with your doctor, explain it is for a boxing medical examination and take your competition book with you and medical forms (Coach to supply) Ensure that the doctor completes pages 4-8 of the competition book. On page 8, the results of a blood test for haemoglobin and white blood cell counts must be recorded. This is sometimes overlooked. Make sure your doctor does not overlook it.
    3. You will also be required to supply a headshot photo of yourself for the competition book. The photo is of similar type that would be required for a passport.
    4. Your coach will also take a photo as this will be used for your online registration as per the sample
  4. Your coach can now register you online, via the Boxing New Zealand's website. The yearly cost is $35.
    If you are under the age of 17 it will need to be signed by a parent or guardian.
    If you are under 17 you will also be required to supply a copy of your birth certificate or an up-to-date passport. A photo sent to your coach will be fine.
  5. The coach must be registered and a current financial member of the New Zealand Boxing Coaches' Association. Once payment has gone through your registration expiry date will be displayed under the photo

What's Next??, Keep training and working hard, your Coach will decide when you step through the ring, but you are now registered and ready to go, we are looking forward to working with you!

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Registration Book

Registration Book

Thanks to our Sponsors

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