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I am updating and overhauling and rehabbing TaylorMason.com - my website. I hope it will be up and running next month, July 2023.

The old site was really made for a different era, one that died out a couple of years ago, back when people sat at their ‘workstations’ and surfed the World Wide Web.

That is so 2010.

Today’s world - or more precisely, todays era (an era lasting, what? About 18 months?) - demands that a website be mobile-friendly. Users need to be able to access what they want, when they want it, from wherever they are. We’re on the move, literally and figuratively, so we need immediate access.

I picture it in my mind like this:

You hear on the news that Taylor Swift has broken up with another boyfriend (is that news?), and as you brace yourself for Taylor’s new hit single, your mind goes to a different place: “Taylor has become an interesting first name…” you’re thinking to yourself, so you continue: “Who was the first person with the first name Taylor? Oh! That comedian! What was his name?” You begin a search on your mobile device. You skip past Taylor Dayne, Taylor Martinez (ex-college QB), Taylor Negron (funny comic, God rest his soul) Taylor Hawkins (drummer). Finally it hits you: “Oh yeah! Taylor Mason!”

Maybe you’re in line at the supermarket or a retailer; or you’re having lunch; or (this’ll get me in trouble) you’re in an endless line of traffic at a busy intersection where there is ongoing “road construction” (i.e., lots of people wearing bright orange/yellow vests standing around a giant pothole looking CONCERNED). You’re gonna be here for a minute or 15, so might as well check your email/texts/media feed right?

Not only is there road construction, but there has been an accident because someone got frustrated and tried to blow past other cars and T-boned a cement truck. There is a chance that the guilty party, the driver who caused the crash, was also reading some silly newsletter on a mobile device via a new website that had just gone ‘mobile’ but I’m getting way ahead of myself….

DISCLAIMER: NO. I am not suggesting you or anyone else peruse my new mobile website while operating a vehicle in traffic. Or riding a bike, or flying a plane, or involved in any activity where your attention and focus should be on the matter at hand. I’m just pointing out my new website is easy-access for mobile users. Capiche?

I am streamlining the site. There will be pictures - and lots more to come - from the various venues I play around the planet. I am beyond grateful and very very humbled by those of you who follow my modest ‘career’ and come see my in-person appearances. So, while I will post the occasional photo of myself with a notable celebrity from whatever background, I will be posting pix of myself with the people who have been subjected to my live presentations.

Taylor's crazy travel schedule

In lieu of posting my touring schedule, I will post specific shows where people can purchase tickets and be part of the “TAYLOR MASON EXPERIENCE” (loosely defined as comedy, music, ventriloquism, and mayhem). The reason I won’t post every date is simple: my schedule is insane. The last couple of weeks are a prime example:

  • A Sunday flight from New York to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • I do 5 shows in four nights on the Disney Wonder Cruise ship
  • Followed by a flight from Juneau to Seattle, then an overnight flight from Seattle to Chicago, followed by an early-morning flight to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Then a flight back to New York
  • A one-nighter in New Jersey
  • Followed by a flight to Puerto Rico
  • Four nights later I am stuck in Curaçao, then I fly to Miami, back to Jersey, and a show in Philly
  • Two nights later I fly to Miami and…

Etc., etc., etc. Frankly, if I were to post the exact schedule with flights and showtimes and specific dates, it might break the Internet.

So, I will post specific shows where people can buy tickets, make plans, and come be part of the event.

I’ll try and post video of performances old and new, and if there is something you really like, or don’t like, or if you have a suggestion, there is a place for you to leave a message, give me some feedback, or just say hi.

If you’re hoping to book me? Hey, I’m hoping you will! My personal manager, Tim Grable, responds to all requests promptly.

And I couldn’t do something this technically complex without a LOT of help. Bill Weil of Webburgh.com is a brilliant IT person as well as a story editor, and a creative genius with a wonderful sense of humor (if you’re looking to build a site or enhance your online presence, contact him).

And many thanks for the pictures you will see on the new, improved TaylorMason.com going to Dennis Blaszczyk and Jack Saady at JackSaadyHeadshots.com.

Thanks for reading! Hope our paths cross soon!


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