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Our vision: sustainable, ethical and circular

Dear friends of NAOMI

It was a wonderful celebration, our 7th NAOMI anniversary on 12th of Mai. We have achieved to activate and develop NAOMI for 7 years!

And that afternoon we also received the reward for much effort and work: the joy, laughter and gratitude of all the women, who are our participants in courses and activities, filled the rooms. Two women took to the microphone to give a moving speech. And then the fashion show by self-confident and bubbly girls from CASA BASE. This is a partner Project of NAOMI next to the camp in Diavata, near Thessaloniki. The dresses were created during a fashion workshop. 


the wedding dress studded with many pearls and self-made dresses

And  followed by the 2nd fashion show with the girls and  our wonderful volunteers and staff members with NAOMI products, remember Idomeni line, upcycling products, shirts, hoodies, summer hats and aprons......

Singing and moving together, led by Laura from Colombia (www.musicansforhumanrights), delighted everyone and strengthened our community.  

With the photos, we would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to you, who support NAOMI.

So I greet you warmly and with gratitude as we now enter together another stage on the path of solidarity and charity.

Dorothee Vakalis, chairwomen, and the NAOMI TEAM


All together after the fashion show

The Textile Department

NAOMI products are durable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible

  • The NAOMI E-Shop


Finally the NAOMI E-Shop is online! Orders and payments can now be done directly online.

You will find a wealth of products to choose at your leisure.

New in the collection are summer hats and aprons........

And in doing so, you are choosing an ethically responsible manufacturing that does not harm the environment. And you are offering our wonderfully talented employees a friendly Europe that enables participation in social life.


Zoi Keskinidou, the coordinator of the textile production, is personally available for questions and orders: [email protected].

NAOMI products are for sale in Thessaloniki in these shops:


Remember Idomeni Jacket and Jeans bag

  • Jeans Upcycling Collection by NAOMI

We are glad to present this collection to our customers to bring new life to old Jeans.

We have in mind:

The environmental footprint of jeans is huge - each pair travels around 50.000 km before it reaches Europe. 8.000 liters of water are spent to manufacture a single pair, a lot of toxics are used in the cultivation of cotton and in the various dying processes.

And Human rights violations and exploitation of working people in the fast textile industry cry to heaven.

NAOMI’s vision is to bring a change. This is why we upcycle jeans that are no longer worn and would end in garbage dump.

Second hand shops and private people respond to our call and deliver jeans to our textile production department.

The experienced NAOMI team creates out of them various bags, hats and aprons, everyone a unique item and designed in an artistic patchwork pattern. So we come nearer to our Zero Waste and circular economy Philosophy.


Jeans shoulder bag

  • The Trouser project for homeless men continues the 3rd year

This project is currently the basis of our production. This summer, a minimum of 2000 trousers for homeless men are to be produced. Our partner organizations IHA and WAVE are already waiting for the next delivery for men on the streets, in abandoned buildings  but also in the miserable deportation prisons or on the islands. Most of them have after their arrival from the land border no access to the asylum procedure. “Blocked from the system”, so the team of Mobile info team describes their situation. New, robust and high-quality NAOMI trousers are gladly accepted by them, dignified clothing is so important!

Last year our team was able to produce and deliver 4000 pairs of trousers. This was made possible especially by a generous donation of 20.000 Euros from the company Abasto in Hamburg.  (www.abasto.de Specialists for combined heat and power units). At this point we would also like to warmly thank the company management!

We are still calling for donations or payment with receipt for 1.600 summer trousers (10 Euro for 1 trouser), a total cost of 16.000 Euro. Every amount is welcome! See below under DONATE


400 trousers just arrived in the huge warehouse of 

IHA (https://www.iha.help/en/home), ready to be distributed

  • T-shirts, hoodiZrganizations, churches and groups...

The special offer with printing of your own logo or slogan:

T-shirt 100 % Organic Greek Cotton

  • Color: white or black with a single print
  • Minimum order 30 pieces per color
  • Size XS-XXL
  • Price 14.00 Euro/piece

Hoodies recycled fabric 70% Pol - 30%Cot

  • Color: Black or dark blue or grey mélange with a single print
  • Minimum order 30 pieces per color
  • Size S-XL
  • Price 22.00 Euro/piece

Tote Bags (shopping bags) 100% Cotton Canvas heavy

  • Color: natural or black with a single print
  • Minimum order 50 pieces per color
  • Size 38cm X 34cm or as desired
  • Price 6,50 Euro/piece

For individual orders and arrangements:
Zoi Keskinidou: [email protected] 


samples of tote bags….


Arietta and Hardi with their T-shirts black and white with the NAOMI peace bird

  • The GESA Collection by NAOMI

After a long break, the GESA collection is now in planning. The diaconal institution GESA in Wuppertal (https://www.gesaonline.de/will...) will go to market with an own collection made by NAOMI and will sell it with the label P11 professionally. This is a great opportunity for NAOMI to secure safe and fair jobs for refugees and locals in a diverse team. The common target is, to promote integration and participation in social life in Greece. In June, we will welcome a delegation from GESA with Mr. Ulrich Gensch, and this is when further agreements are to be made.

  • Our NAOMI team in production

Sofia is the experienced and careful Greek forewoman in the production space and she leads the diverse team of women:  Norigini from Sri Lanka and Fotini from Thessaloniki and Rosemarie from Nigeria. With Fotini, we have for the first time employed a Greek woman who has quickly integrated in the team. And together with her colleagues, contributes to the great Inclusion project both linguistically and with her very open mind.  Hardi from Ghana has left us for the summer to earn better money as a seasonal worker on the islands. The salaries there are higher than in the textile industry.  

NAOMI is now hiring new applicants. For the GESA collection we need to expand the team with very experienced staff. And students from the Greek state vocational schools for Fabrics and Clothes are starting their internship at NAOMI.


Our power Team: Nirogini, Sofia… Rosemary and Fotini


NAOMI offers T-shirts, hoodies and bags for NGOs, church groups, and other societies, individually designed with your logo or slogan.

NAOMI's e-shop



Zoi Keskinidou - [email protected]


The NAOMI administration and salaries are financed by 6 partner churches in Germany, Netherlands, Italy.

But we call for private donations and church collections to relief the greatest needs of the most vulnerable people. All your donation provides them directly with:

  • Emergency Aid: (Food, Medical support, hygienic items, baby food )
  • 1600 summer trousers for homeless people made by NAOMI
    Here you can pay for trousers:  https://medical-volunteers.org/de/4000winterhosen/
    The German partner organization issues donation receipts for the German tax office.

Camp Diavata: On May 18th the Greek government announced that food will be cut from refugees who had their case rejected or have received a positive asylum decision. The reality of this is:  over 300 people in Camp Diavata, next to Thessaloniki, are left with no food or drinking water, no financial support. Among these people are babies, children and pregnant women, sick and disabled people.

The only way to get support is from NAOMI and our partner QRT. So every week together we provide food boxes or supermarket voucher for 300 people (5.000 Euro per month are needed!) and medicine.  

Let’s give hope to people in times of deterrence and violation of human rights in Greece!

Greek Bank Account
Piraeus Bank 
IBAN GR110 172 2330 0052 3308 2818 025

German Bank Account
Evangelische Bank
IBAN: DE80 5206 0410 0005 0013 40


NAOMI depends on volunteer’s engagement to support our team in their daily tasks.

We warmly welcome volunteers in our team!

Best to stay with us for 2 months or even longer.

  • We urgently call for volunteers with expertise in business, marketing, IT and public relations.
  • In the Textile Academy you can assist the teachers in the various lessons (also without knowing sewing)
  • The Team in the textile production is happy about every volunteer to work with them.
  • In CASA BASE you can boost the educational program and social activities for girls and women.

    For more information contact please
    Gabriella Sampsonidou, coordinator of the social department [email protected]


    Living next to people longing for peace and a life in dignity will make a difference in your own life.

    We thank our partners

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    Quick Response Team

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    Avicenna Kultur- und Hilfswerk

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