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Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky

May Newsletter

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Website Reboot

It has been over 6 years that I have maintained www.yogijeffrey.info. The codebase was aging and thus was blocking me from easily adding new features. Last month I caught the wind of inspiration and spent a few days on my computer rebuilding my site from scratch. Even though right now the site behaves and looks very similar to what it did I am still thrilled.

To celebrate the reboot I released a special NEW NIDRA ARCHIVE RECORDINGLet Go and Rest is unique on my archive in a few ways. First, it is the only recording on my site that does not have a strong wake up at the end, allowing it to be used in unique contexts. Also, I recorded it with the aid of a sound filter which eliminates almost all background noises. I am very curious to hear feedback from others as I have really enjoyed using this recording myself.

I also have another recording from a workshop earlier this year that I plan on releasing some time in the next 2 weeks.

Spring Yoga Nidra Workshops

 One hour sessions with 30 minute Nidra

Thursdays 5/4, 5/18, and 6/1 6 - 7 p.m.

in The Arcata Presbyterian Church Upstairs Gym.

Suggested Price: $5 - 15.

More details at my website: www.yogijeffrey.info/event/nidra-workshops/

Ongoing Weekly Classes

All the info for my Monday Night Hatha Class, my Saturday Morning Hatha & Nidra Class can be found on my website. The Saturday class has been rather well attended and very well received recently. Monday Night Hatha has been a slower paced class where we focus on alignment and deep embodiment. It is very nice this time of year that it is still light outside when the Monday Night class ends.

Summer Travels

I have planned a trip to visit my family and celebrate my fathers 70th birthday. I will be out of town for several weeks starting in early June. The Saturday class will be subbed mostly by Shemaia and the Monday class will be put on pause until I return.

As always feel free to email me if you have any questions or feedback,

I love you all,

Hari Om Tat Sat,

Yogi Jeffrey

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