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Karen Fitzgerald: The energy of visual art changes everything.

Please join us at the opening reception for Luminous Elsewheres:
Friday, March 31, 6-8pm.
Westbeth Gallery, 55 Bethune Street, New York, NY.

At a time when the collective sense of the world is being disrupted, realigned and reinvented, this approach explores a more allocentric and inclusive way of seeing and feeling. Visual art contributes to constructing a better and more sustainable future, an idea captured in the words of Luminous Elsewheres artist Taney Roniger: “Here we come to the otherness within art itself: that rare kind of art that, defying ready comprehension or systematic interpretation, instead plunges the viewer into the ocean of unknowing.” That ocean of unknowing becomes the place to discover the next story, a better story.

The following artists will be featured in Luminous Elsewheres: Phoebe Adams, Tracey Adams, Cheryl Aden, Deborah Barlow, Hedwig Brouckaert, Janine Brown, Leigh Anne Chambers, Mi-Jin Chun, John Cox, Alison Cuomo, Patrician Dahlman, Silvia De Marchi, Tina Feingold, Karen Fitzgerald, Kathryn Geismar, Caroline Golden, Ed Grant, Laura Gurton, Lynette Haggard, Carole Kunstadt, M P Landis, Joanne Lefrak, Denise Manseau, Donnelly Marks, Elizabeth McAlpin, Diane McGregor, Elizabeth Mead, Elizabeth Mooney, Kellin Nelson, Paula Overbay, Heather Palecek, Sky Pape, Deborah Peeples, Laura Ann Perry, Mary Pinto, Taney Roniger, Larry Rushing, Ann Sgarlata, Julie Shapiro, Sarah Slavick, Rhonda Smith, Malu Tan, Linda Tharp, Priya Vadhyar, Debra Weisberg.

Luminous Elsewheres is curated by Deborah Barlow, Alison Cuomo and Karen Fitzgerald. Representing three international artist collectives--Pell Lucy, Fluid Media and Spliced Connector, respectively—the curators have selected work from members of these groups as well as other aligned artists. “We all share an interest in the many ways artists create extraordinary ‘elsewheres’: trusting the process, learning from materials, relying on intuition, giving voice to the innate intelligence of form,” the curators stated.

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In conjunction with the opening of Luminous Elsewheres, Deborah Barlow has written about the threads of our new story. Find her eloquent voice here:
Reconsidering the Spiritual.

She begins:

"..the power of visual art to engage with a sense of awe, transcendence and the numinous...is just one essential aspect of art’s power, but it has been diminished and, in some cases, left out of the historical canon altogether."

She quotes Charlene Spretnak:

My sense of the spiritual dimension of life extends beyond a focus on
the self to a sense of our embeddedness in the larger context: the
exquisitely dynamic interrelatedness of existence, the vibratory flux of
the subtle realms of the material world, and the ultimate creativity of
the universe. The cosmos is infused with an unfolding dynamic of
becoming and also a unitive dimension of being. Spirituality is the
awareness of and engagement with that unity and those dynamics.

There are powerful indicators all around us. Change is here, the old world is falling away. Please join us in celebrating one of the touchstones in these unfolding changes.

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An Idiosyncratic Studio Visit - Episode 3
Over 4 short episodes, I narrate an exploration of my work across 30+ years. This project illuminates connecting ideas and processes that have shaped the continued development of my work. It identifies key influences and collaborators. The project is idiosyncratic in that it is not meant to be comprehensive, nor overarching. It is a view into an artist's thought process, and how this shapes the work.

Thumbnail courtesy of Orestes Gonzalez. Thank you, Orestes.

All 4 parts are now on YouTube: Click the box to see all 4 episodes. 

Total run time 14 minutes.

Click to watch on Youtube

Check out @fairshareart on Instagram to see affordable artwork
for sale by over 30 contemporary artists.
New work is posted on the first day of every month.

Click to view @FairShareArt on Instagram
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Earendel's Neighborhood

17" diameter, mica with Venetian plaster on yupo with 22k moon gold, mounted on panel $2,000

Find this painting as part of Fluid Media's new exhibition, The Call Away.
The show debuts at Artsy.net on Friday, March 10, 2023.
Organized and curated by John Cox and Alison Cuomo.

From the curatorial statement:
There are two distinct threads of art making, and artwork, that are each connected to the deep capacity we have to recognize – to re-member, and re-connect phenomena within our perceptual systems. These are our capacity to imagine; and the capacity of our perceptual system to connect us to our physical world. Art making and experiencing artwork build a unification of imagination and perception, creating recognition that easily calls us elsewhere.
While the work ranges from abstraction to representation, the content achieves its power of connectivity in the same manner. Our imagination works hand-in-hand with our perception; a recognition happens, and we too, are called away.

Click to view The Call Away on Artsy
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Please visit Art Lives Here NYC. Connie Lee and Cinzia Meneghello have built a beautiful website that reflects the collaborative community Connie is building. This is a refreshing presence in the art world; one where we each know and care for (and about) one another. A presence that encourages collaborations of all kinds, one that respects and honors the creative initiative. This is oxygen that feeds the fires of inspiration and supports the creative results.

Spliced Connector group launched
our winter exhibition, BIRR, at Artsy.net.
Find it here.

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Above: Noctilucent Aether

21" diameter, mica, Venetian plaster on yupo with 23k gold mounted on panel


The work present in this exhibition has a distinctive birr. There's the energy of thinking in masterful use of the visual language. While a good deal of this birr can be sensed through the digital realm, the birr is stronger, more intense, in person. When you visit artwork flesh-to-flesh, your own internal birr will change. It will resettle into that comfort zone of no-words. Sitting with visual language one senses the voice of form itself. Its presence reconnects us to the multitudinous birr of our physical world. That sacred shifting of energy currents wafting through everything holds us in place. Brrrr, a shiver of union, to be sure. Brrr, a shiver from a long time ago that's always been here.

force; energy; vigor.
emphasis in statement, speech, etc.
a whirring sound.

It is a perfect time to visit the studio.
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