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April 26 , 2023



Join GHC and MMPCIA Tomorrow at 7:00 PM

Please join The Greater Harlem Coalition and MMPCIA TOMORROW - April 27th at 7:00 PM - for a Zoom Democratic primary candidates' forum.

Assemblymember Inez Dickens, candidate Yusef Saalam, and Assemblymember Al Taylor will all participate and take audience questions. After registering for the forum, click HERE to write your question for a specific candidate or all the candidates.

Register HERE

Please forward this invitation to Harlem neighbors and friends.

Harlem's current City Council member replied, "I am not interested in playing politics at a candidate's forum..." when invited to attend.


Drug Dealers Drive Up, and Deliver 

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The media is beginning to report on what residents of Harlem and Washington Heights have been noticing ever since OnPoint opened their two supervised injection sites.  Drug dealers in East Harlem setup shop in front of OnPoint, or in Washington Heights they just drive up to peddle their product out of a van — acting like Amazon for the heroin, crack, and fentanyl consumed in OnPoint's facilities.

In an investigative piece, The New York Post witnessed one woman with track marks on her hands make an exchange with the man in the van before bee-lining to the OnPoint NYC injection site three blocks away.

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  • Ten minutes later, the woman was seen heading across the street to Highbridge Park with a friend.
  • Others who were seen leaving OnPoint that day also entered the park and shot up with fresh needles.
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"Rodrigo Caballero, a former NYPD detective who covered Washington Heights for more than a decade, said that despite the safe injection sites’ efforts to “do good,” they are causing “an eroding effect” by drawing drug activity and accompanying lawlessness in the area that is beyond the staff’s control."


NYC's Coroner's Office Releases The 2021 Racial Overdose Death Rates

Black overdose death rates per 100,000 increased in 2021.  White overdose rates decreased slightly.

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152 E 118th Street Joins The Greater Harlem Coalition

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The Board of Trustees at 152 East 118th Street in East Harlem voted to join the Greater Harlem Coalition.  Located just off of Lexington Avenue, 152 East 118th Street has had to contend with increasing amounts of street dealing and using.

If you know a Harlem or East Harlem business, apartment building, co-op, condo, block association, or other community group that is concerned about the increase in street using and dealing, forward them this email, and have them click on the button, below:

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