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November 23 2022



New York State Assembly Member Eddie Gibbs's District

East Harlem (represented by New York State Assembly Member Eddie Gibbs) is the most systemically oversaturated district in New York City and in all of New York State.  OASAS has established more methadone treatment capacity in Eddie Gibbs district than all of the following NYC New York State Assemblymembers' districts combined:

Stacey Pheffer Amato, Nily Rozic, Daniel Rosenthal, Andrew Hevesi, Brian Barnwell, Khaleel Anderson, Vivian E. Cook, Clyde Vanel, Jessica González-Rojas, Jeffrion L. Aubry, Zohran Mamdani, Catherine Nolan, Jenifer Rajkumar, Ron Kim, Helene Weinstein, Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, Robert Carroll, Steven Cymbrowitz, Mathylde Frontus, William Colton, Simcha Eichenstein, Peter J. Abbate Jr., Emily Gallagher, Maritza Davila, Stefani Zinerman, Monique Chandler-Waterman, Jaime Williams, Michael Cusick, Michael Tannousis, Daniel J. O'Donnell, Al Taylor, Latoya Joyner, Nathalia Fernandez, Carl Heastie, Kenny Burgos, Karines Reyes, David Weprin, Dan Quart, Rebecca Seawright, Charles Fall, Catalina Cruz, Linda Rosenthal, Manny De Los Santos, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Edward Braunstein, Latrice Walker, Erik Martin Dilan, Michael Reilly

By itself, Eddie Gibbs district has been packed with 13.6% of all New York City's methadone capacity.  At the same time, 36 of his Assembly colleagues' districts have 0%.

The map below shows where methadone capacity is concentrated and (in grey) where it is virtually unavailable.

Image description

A chart of the same data is below:

Image description


TakeOffice.org - Empowering Women Into Leadership

Take Office is a leadership development program that supports women in exploring public policy, politics, and running for public office.

Take Office advances gender equity in public policy and politics through highly customized leadership development accelerator programs. Take Office creates programs for accomplished women eager to accelerate pathways to senior roles in public policy and government, including elected office, regardless of previous public policy or political experience. 

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We believe women can and should leverage expertise developed through various career and life paths to enter a career in public service; and that when more women are able to lead, we will dramatically improve outcomes for our communities and at every level of government.

Our goal is to see a world where every other senior leader in government is a woman.

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GHC Meets With Bethel Gospel Assembly

GHC Co-Founder Shawn Hill met with the Bishop Bishop Carlton Theophilus Brown of Harlem's Bethel Gospel Assembly and his Bethel Pastoral Board earlier in October to discuss the systemic oversaturation of our community.  

Image description

After meeting the leadership team of Bethel Gospel Assembly, Shawn presented the GHC FOIL data which shows the systematic oversaturation of Harlem and the subsequent impact of this oversaturation.  

During the presentation, congregation members were most affected by the map (below) showing where methadone patients commute from, to get treatment in Harlem - clearly indicating that New York State has designated our community as a regional hub for addiction treatment.

Image description

The Greater Harlem Coalition looks forward to working with Bishop Brown and the entire Bethel community in working towards a shared goal of:

Small-scale, effective, and community-health focused addiction treatment programs equitably located in

all New York neighborhoods

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