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- February 2023

News for Action  
A monthly newsletter to spread the seeds and connect the dots. 

The crocuses are blooming in London, a sure sign that spring is near. This new growth brings hope and a renewed energy to continue to strive for change towards a sustainable and resilient society that values each individual, at each stage of life, and provides everyone with the means to prevent and heal trauma. Reflecting on the beauty of one lonely daffodil under a tree reminds us that the small actions have a large impact too.

This month's newsletter, aligning with the season, shares tools for change and hope. There is also a particular focus on women and young people, as well as some powerful pieces in our Racial Justice section, recognising the added effect of intersectionality on the challenges facing us all at the moment.

As always, we want to shed a light on the great work of the LAH community, so please get in touch with any transformative initiatives or news!

Time for News for Action!

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Beyond the Hub 

Global Resiliency Accelerator: Creating a Global Network - Operation Encompass: The Process, The Impact, The Future.

This session will include "postcard updates" of recent work being done by both Dr Warren Larkin and Becky Haas and then featured speakers David Carney-Haworth and Elizabeth Carney-Haworth will discuss The Process, The Impact, The Future.

Date: 6 March 2023

Location: Online

Cost: FREE

A live webinar with Dr Sandra Paulsen who has spent over three decades articulating the modifications of EMDR Therapy required to address complex of PTSD and traumatic sequelae. This seminar offers an introduction to a more in-depth training.

Date: 25 March 2023

Location: Online

Cost: £70

Keynote speakers Saffron Cordery and Hashum Mahmood will discuss priorities for addressing the immediate and long-term impacts of cost of living pressures on public health. Hosted by Westminster Health Forum.

Date: 25 April 2023

Location: Online

Cost: £260 plus VAT

In this workshop, hosted by A Disorder 4 Everyone, Prof Peter Kinderman suggests a radical change in how we think about 'mental health' that rejects the culture of 'disorder' in favour of psychological and social solutions.

Date: 26 April 2023

Location: Online

Cost: £0-£69.89

This conference will discuss next steps for improving health outcomes for children and young people in England.

Date: 3 May 2023

Location: Online

Cost: £260 plus VAT


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A report by Ben Plimpton for the Mental Health Foundation, supported by the Mayor of London. 30 Jan 2023.

A rapid review summarising evidence for local interventions to mitigate the impacts on health in London. Produced by the UCL Institute of Health Equity (IHE) for the Greater London Authority and system partners across local government, the NHS and the wider voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) and business sectors.

Action & Tools
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A Topic Guide on ACEs created by the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health's ACEs Special Interest Group integrating and developing research and critical understanding of the complex nature of ACEs and the implication for practitioners across services for children and young people.

Deb Dana, clinician, consultant, author and speaker specializing in complex trauma, joins Deepak Chopra for a conversation on her Deb's work showing how an understanding of Polyvagal Theory applies to relationships, mental health, and trauma - and how we can use an understanding of the organizing principles of Polyvagal Theory to change the ways we navigate our daily lives.

The Department for Education is seeking views on the Children's Social Care National Framework (CSCNF) and the Children's Social Care Dashboard (CSD).

The CSCNF has been published alongside Stable Homes, Built on Love: Implementation Strategy and Consultation. The CSCNF aims to help everyone understand the expectations for their work with children and families and set clear outcomes and enablers to the children's social care system.

Consultation closes 11 May 2023.

Racial Justice
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A Research Roundup special edition by the UK Trauma Council, looking at 5 themes:

-impact of racial trauma and discrimination on
mental health,

-PTSD, race and cultural adaptation,

-Race and the Client-Therapist Relationship

-Race and misdiagnosis, and


A talk by Jelan Agnew at TEDxDelthorne Women, who sees authenticity as a superpower and freedom as the ultimate life goal.

A report by Raekha Prasad for Inquest, an independent charity providing expertise on state related deaths and their investigation to bereaved people, lawyers, advice and support agencies, the media, and parliamentarians.

Lived Experience

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An article about how men can help end violence against women, with input from family members of victims of violence against women. Written by Evie Breese in The Big Issue. 10 February 2023.

News & Initiatives
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For those part of or expressing an interest in ACAMHs ACEs Special Interest Group, or ACEs and trauma more generally.

An article by Mithran Samuel for Community Care on the government's response to the Independent Review of Children's Social Care. 2 February 2023.

Clara Faria, winner of the ACAMH 2021 Undergraduate Clinical Trainee of the Year Award and ACAMH’s first Young Person’s Ambassador, joins The Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Podcast to talk about her work on ADHD and anxiety disorders, and how she became involved in research in mental health.

The House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts report on the social and personal costs of adverse outcomes for vulnerable adolescents, and the support available to them. Conclusions are laid out with 7 recommendations to government. 30 January 2023

Articles & Books
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An article by Lorenc, et al. published in BMC Public Health, 12 May 2020.

An article by Moore, et al. published in Health & Justice, 24 August 2021.

An article by Goff, Sadowsky & Bagley published in Child & Family Social Work, 24 October 2022.

An article by van de Hoeven, et al. published in Child & Family Social Work, 8 November 2022.

Childhood adversity is associated with hospitalisations and survival following external causes and non-communicable diseases: a 46-year follow-up of a Stockholm birth cohort

An article by Jackisch and Almquist published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 3 February 2023.

An article by de Vries, et al. published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 17 February 2023.

A Dot of Inspiration

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“Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture.”

~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, author of We Should All Be Feminists

Have some news to share?

Disclaimer: News for Action is a collection of initiatives and information shared by members and collaborators of the London ACEs Hub (LAH).

The LAH is an independent and non-partisan network and the opinions here presented might not represent the LAH. All items included in this newsletter aim to promote constructive discussion as well as personal and collective development.

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