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- January 2023

News for Action  
A monthly newsletter to spread the seeds and connect the dots. 

For the London ACEs Hub, the new year is a time to refocus on what is important to us, and to make commitments to continue to support our communities, build connections, and work to bring about positive change. 

Many of the items this month focus on challenging times: systems which are struggling to support those in need, people who are living through hardship... But there are also shining examples of action making a real difference to people's lives. It is these examples that we hold on to and learn from so we can keep connecting the dots and spreading the seeds to make London an ACE-aware metropolis.

A special thanks goes to Sarah Temple, and Isabelle Butcher and Kam Bhui from Oxford University, who introduced us to the pioneering ATTUNE Project. It is great to see such broad collaboration and multi-site study taking place in the UK. To learn more, check Actions and Tools!

If you also have transformative news related to ACEs, TIC and resilience to share, get in touch with us.

Time for News for Action!

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Beyond the Hub 

A webinar by The Health Foundation focused on prioritising prevention in policymaking and outlining the future consequences of not acting now.

Date: 23 February 2023

Cost: FREE

A half-day webinar hosted by Public Policy exchange, aiming to help to identify priorities and challenges in successfully delivering integrated universal public health services for children aged 0-5 and share best practice in providing early help and upstream support to families with complex and multiple needs.

Date: 23 February 2023

Cost: From £89

A day-long virtual conference hosted by Inside Government exploring what trauma-informed practice (TIP) means and how to embed TIP across sectors.

Date: 28 March, 2023

Cost: From £195

This two day conference, hosted by the International Association of Forensic Psychotherapy in Turin, Italy will explore how understanding and managing psychic pain can help prevent and potentially reduce violence. This event is also available to join online.

Date: 18-20 May 2023

Cost: From £75


The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast episode with Dr. Megan Gerber, Associate Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, Medical Director of Women’s Health for VA Boston where she directs the Women’s Health Fellowship, editor of “Trauma-informed Health Care Approaches: A Guide for Primary Care.” 

The How-To Academy hosts Dr Gabor Maté.


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Article by economists Elaine Drayton and Christine Farquharson commenting on findings from an Institute of Fiscal Studies report on government spending on the early years and childcare, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. 11 November 2022.

The CQC’s Monitoring the Mental Health Act (MHA) report 2021/22 highlights concerns over monitoring the MHA including increasing staff pressures and disproportionate use of sectioning and restrictive community treatment orders (CTO) on Black people and people from some ethnic minority groups. 1 December 2022.

A report by Rachelle Earwaker for Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 14 December 2022.

Action & Tools
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The ATTUNE research programme seeks to use the power of creative and performing arts, and interdisciplinary dialogue and coalitions with young people (aged 10-24), in order to gather experiences of multiple current and past adversities and mental health. The programme involves young people in all aspects of research, including co-design of public health and engagement resources to sign post potential sources of support. Specifically, co-designing artistic and digital methods, including serious games, to offer support to those who do not access care or are not ready to do so. Currently recruiting young people, carers, and public sector stakeholders, so welcome your involvement and partnerships.

To get inspired, read the publication or watch the video.

For Women CIC is running weekly Women's Hub activities for women over 18 years old to combat loneliness and increase connection. These include coaching sessions, peer to peer talking groups, physical activities, mindfulness, amongst other self- and mutual-care activities. Do get in touch to learn more.

A brief overview of the CARS approach to communication. An article by Geoff Knott in Word on the Streets, 4 January 2023.

Racial Justice
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Two members of the outreach team at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust share their experience of working with Afghan refugees and the importance of compassion and empathy in this work. 15 December 2022.

Guidance by the Equality and Human Rights Commission designed to help school leaders foster an inclusive environment by ensuring their policies are not discriminatory.

An interview with Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, the UN resident coordinator in Lesotho, on Awake at Night, a podcast by Melissa Fleming, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications. 13 January 2023.

Lived Experience

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Author Holly Smale shares her experience of being diagnosed with autism at 39 years old, on the BBC Room 5 podcast. 1 November 2022.

News & Initiatives
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Continuous Professional Development training for schools and local authorities aimed at understanding the issues facing Gypsy, Roma & Traveller children and families in accessing effective education. 

New research by Victim Support. 1 December 2022.

An article by Philippa Roxby in the BBC. "Women's experiences of care when giving birth have worsened in the last five years, says a report by England's health and care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC)." 11 January 2023.

Articles & Books
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An article by Maximilian Scheuplein and Anne-Laura van Harmelen published in Current Opinion in Psychology, June 2022.

An article by Redican, et al. published in British Journal of Psychology, 9 November 2022.

An article by Khan, et al. published in The Lancet, 10 December 2022.

An article by Khin, Burt and Fondacaro published in The Torture Journal, 2022.

A Dot of Inspiration

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“There is no small act of kindness. Every compassionate act makes large the world.”

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Have some news to share?

Disclaimer: News for Action is a collection of initiatives and information shared by members and collaborators of the London ACEs Hub (LAH).

The LAH is an independent and non-partisan network and the opinions here presented might not represent the LAH. All items included in this newsletter aim to promote constructive discussion as well as personal and collective development.

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