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Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky

January Newsletter

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Personal Note

This calendar year began with a big unexpected shift in my regular work week. For the past year, as a way to navigate the late-stage pandemic, I was employed by a local construction crew. The simplicity of being outside and working with my body served me well. But an unfortunate wage dispute made me feel rather insulted and undervalued. So I decided to take my many skills, aptitudes, and talents elsewhere.

To fill the gap in the short term I renewed my Substitute Teaching Credential and was immediately put to work by Jacoby Creek School teaching 6th Grade. But, this won't last forever and I now again walk into the uncertainty of being a freelance gig worker. This being said, I seek and invite opportunities to apply myself and the gifts of my heart In Humboldt County and beyond.

Yoga Nidra Workshops Continue

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Last month I ran two Nidra workshops at the Arcata Presbyterian Church. I am pleased to report the space worked very well for the practice and those who attended expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to practice in this way. I will continue this Nidra experiment for another month and will host two more sessions this coming month.

 1st and 3rd Thursdays in February (2/2 + 2/16) from 6 - 7 p.m.

Yoga Nidra workshops in The Arcata Presbyterian Church Upstairs Gym.

Suggested Price: $5 - 15.

More details at my website: www.yogijeffrey.info/event/nidra-workshops/

Wildly Successful Contact Improv Workshops

The CI fundamentals workshops I organized with Laura Muñoz sold out. The first session was very enjoyable and well received. The interest in these type of workshops in our community was notable. I am in the process of putting together more opportunities to dance and learn together in this way in 2023. All local CI info including the local jam schedule can be found at:


Ongoing Classes and Events

All the info for my Monday Night Hatha Class, my Saturday Morning Hatha & Nidra Class, and the Upcoming Sonic Dream Yoga Nidra Sessions with Shemaia Skywater can be found on my website. The next 2 Sonic Dream Sessions will be held

 2/18 and 3/18 7-9 p.m.

Yogi Jeffrey Recommends

To add value to this newsletter and to start conversations I am going to begin recommending content.

My younger brother is a bright young scientist practicing medicine at an animal hospital in South Carolina. He recommended that I listen to the Huberman Lab podcast. It pulled me in with the first few episodes which are all about the science and neurology of optimizing sleep. This, the 10th episode, is all about managing stress and anxiety. It is a gold mine of useful and fascinating scientific understandings that can both inspire and inform a yoga or dance practice.

Listen Here

As always feel free to email me if you have any questions or feedback,

I love you all,

Hari Om Tat Sat,

Yogi Jeffrey

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