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The Section Scoop

January 25, 2023

Vol. 7, Issue 1

2023 Conclave Theme & Logo Announcement

Tune in on Monday, January 30th at 6:00 PM for the announcement of the theme and logo for the 2023 Section G16 Conclave!

The announcement will be sent in a special edition of The Section Scoop and available on the Section G16 website and social media channels.

Updates from the COC

On January 21, leaders from around the section gathered in Eugene for the annual Council of Chiefs meeting.

As the first COC meeting of the year, section and lodge leadership and conclave committees met to begin planning the 2023 Section G16 Conclave.

Check out the highlights from the COC.

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Secretary Statement

In this edition of the Secretary Statement, section secretary Jack Lewy encourages Arrowmen to assist their lodge and chapters with unit election and volunteer at the section. 

Join the Adventure

Arrowmen have a unique opportunity to explore one of the BSA's four high adventure bases through OA High Adventure. With five different programs, Arrowmen spend half of the adventure providing cheerful service to the base and surrounding areas and the other half on a customized trek. These programs are a fraction of the cost of a traditional unit trek and Arrowmen will build lifelong friendships with other Arrowmen from across the country.

2023 Trainer the Trainer Recap

On the weekend of January 13th, Arrowmen from all over the country convened in Dallas, TX for national Train the Trainer. The weekend consisted of long training sessions and presentations to prepare the the next group of trainers for this year’s National Leadership Seminars (NLS) and Developing Youth Leadership Conferences (DYLC). Also in attendance were the 2023 national officers who shared their guidance and advice.

Lo La'Qam Geela LLD Recap

On January 13-15, Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge held their Lodge Leadership Development (LLD). LLD is an event where the leaders of the lodge gather to learn about leadership, set their goals for each of their roles, and set the standards for the upcoming year.

Tsisqan Lodge Workshop Weekend

Join Tsisqan Lodge on February 24-26 at Camp Baker for a weekend of fun and fellowship as they kick off their first lodge event of 2023!

Workshop Weekend will be full of fun activities and training classes covering a variety of topics from ceremonies and inductions to leadership and Scouting skills. The whole purpose of Workshop Weekend is to provide Arrowmen tools and skills to better support their units and chapters, and of course, have fun!

Registration is now open!

Wauna Inductions & Ceremonies Conference

Wauna La Mon’tay Lodge is hosting an event all about ceremonies and the induction process: WICC, Wauna Inductions and Ceremonies Conference!

WICC will be held at Camp Meriwether on January 27-29 and is open to any Arrowman who is interested in attending. TODAY is the last day to register for the event!


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