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March 8, 2023



Disturbing Racial Bias Questions Remain Regarding OnPoint Supervisor's Tweet

@Brian_A_Hackel a Supervisor at @_onpointNYC in Washington Heights, sent a disturbing tweet directed against Syderia Asberry-Chresfield, a Black Harlem leader, grandmother, and activist, on Saturday:  

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It is deeply disturbing that the #safeinjection site @_OnPointNYC hires and retains staff that display a caustic attitude towards its neighbors in Harlem.  Syderia Asberry-Chresfield - a Harlem community leader has worked for decades to expose the #structuralracism of disproportionately packing addiction programs in Black and Brown communities, was the target of Mr. Hackel's racially insensitive Tweet.

See OnPoint's Brian Hackel's Tweet, HERE
Click to Tweet your thoughts, HERE



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#FairShare4Harlem = Compassion + Passion and the agencies and leaders who ignore (or support) the oversaturation of Harlem are complicit in the traumatization of our children and systemically oppressing our community.

Oversaturation is, of course, insidiously linked to the legacy of redlining and is a form of systemic oppression. And while fighting for all New York neighborhoods to take their fair share requires a radical rethinking of the racial impact of drug treatment, the Greater Harlem Coalition hopes that we will look back at this moment and know that our fight in Harlem made a difference.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working to tackle the issue of #FairShare4Harlem including legislative proposalsoutreach to more tenants and neighbors, and legal action. We encourage you to let us know if you’d like to engage in any of these efforts.


Cove Lounge Joins GHC

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Cove Lounge - 325 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10027 - has joined The Greater Harlem Coalition.  Cove's founder has been working with the coalition on oversaturation issues for a year now and wanted to make sure her business (now a private events space) was counted as a GHC member.  

For more information on Cove, or renting the space for your next event, see:  https://www.covelounge.com/

Welcome Cove Lounge to GHC


NYS Comptroller's Report Shows Significant Incompetence at DHS

The New York State Comptroller's Office investigated New York City's Department of Homeless Services (DSS) which is a part of NYC's Department of Social Services.  In this December report, the Comptroller's Office noted that there is limited assurance that unhoused New Yorkers were being placed in and/or transferred to a shelter that could best provide the services necessary to help the individual move forward to permanent housing, independent living, or further treatment in a more appropriate setting if necessary. For instance:

26% diagnosed with a serious mental illness(e.g., schizophrenia) were not placed in a mental illness shelter.

49% diagnosed with substance or alcohol abuse issues were not placed in a substance abuse shelter or a mental health shelter.

75% were placed in an employment shelter were not employed.

43% seniors were placed in general shelters.

    This serious incompetence has community level impact, especially in neighborhoods like Harlem and East Harlem which have been packed with an inequitable number of shelter beds.  


    See the data, HERE


    When unhoused New Yorkers are sent to shelters that cannot address their needs, these DHS clients are not assisted on a path to permanent housing and communities like Harlem and East Harlem experience the disfunctionality in front of their homes, in front of local businesses, and in their parks.


    NYC's Department of Social Services needs to address the disfunctionality at DHS.  The Department of Homeless Services is failing clients and failing our neighborhood.  Our businesses, our families, and our community need DSS to act immediately.

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