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New Year News & Promos

2022 was a good year for FaucetGamers, and hopefully 2023 will be even better. Our site payments increased over 50% year over year compared to 2021! Way to go FaucetGamers! 

Collectible Round 2 Begins Jan. 1!

Our Pirate Fun Token (PFT) Collecting round 1 is almost over. Our first ever Collectors race is over with KyleKoz winning 200K GCs for being the first to collect all 125 PFTs. On Jan. 1, all PFTs reset and a new collecting race begins! Complete challenges daily on the site to earn PFTs and win bonus Gold Coins and more Naval Power for our Passive Pirate Game.

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40% BitLabs Bonus Promo!

BitLabs surveys have all been boosted 40% from now to New Years day! Don't miss earning with them. 

Visit BitLabs!
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Gift card payments are coming!

We are soon to offer a gift card withdrawal option through TANGO! It at first will only be available to US FaucetGamers, but if you want a gift card in your currency, please drop us an email to [email protected]

This should be coming early January 2023!

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Tax Info

The final withdrawal for the year will be sent out early in the morning Dec. 31. Just a reminder, you should pay your taxes! If you earn less than $600 in a year, we do not need to send a tax form to you. You can see how much you have withdrawn from the year under "Stats & Achievement" on the home page. 

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Catch a survey!

We recently added Pollfish survey wall to our site! Come give a try and get some GTs just for answering the profile questions. 

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Charity Efforts!

Thank you FaucetGamers for donating over $450 to charity efforts over the past year and a half. Our current charity to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption of Orphan children will end January 31. Please keep giving to those children in need of a home! 

If you have any ideas for our next charity to support, please let us know! 

Donate Here!

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Arcade Game Tournaments

We have  5 new arcade games for 2023 already lined up for monthly tournaments! Mini-Golf, a Gold Miner Puzzle game, a Zombie game (for Halloween), and a Baseball game! 

We will be replaying some of our past favorite games. Vote on the games you want to replay at the survey link below.

Vote for Games

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Christmas Contest Results

Congratulations to the 30 highest survey earners in our contest. Winners will be paid early February. Here are the top 10 winners and how much they did in surveys in Dec. 

1. CryptoCass 1,093,294 GTs
2. shoan 906,939 GTs
3. Atg612 874,655 GTs
4. jagajagajaga1 741,347 GTs
5. sully11 735,618 GTs
6. Alielle 456,621 GTs
7. Coinwinner3 455,828 GTs
8. TheDaveShow 415,898 GTs
9. Donboe 282,125 GTs
10. Kylekoz 273,982 GTs


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    Other Projects for 2022:


    • Our Android App is still a plan that we would like to do. However, development on it will take awhile, as we have little experience in App development. Feel free to offer any wisdom that you may have.
    • Updates to our Crypto Pirate Game and site style should be coming in 2023.
    • We are always looking to add an offerwall or two if they seem to have different or higher paying offers than the others.


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    Promo Codes

    Thanks for making it to the end! Here is a special newsletter promo code: AULDLANGSYNE
    Best of wishes in 2023 for you!

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    Reach out to us with questions or comments! 

    Contact FaucetGamers' Support on freshdesk or find us on Discord! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for promo codes and news alerts!

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