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28 December 2022

En route with PrepDSpace4Mobility

Creating data spaces is complex and cannot be accomplished alone. It is a collaborative effort to accelerate the ambitions for enabling sovereign and trusted data sharing in the deployment of the common European mobility data space. Embracing this spirit, we are providing you with guiding resources concerning the secure pooling and sharing of mobility data - and we are calling for your support in our upcoming activities.

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Sharing resources

Manoeuvring the fast-paced data space environment is challenging - but support is available. The Data Spaces Support Centre has created a Starter Kit for organisations interested in creating or participating in data spaces, helping to navigate the intricate challenges to be solved. Highlights include concrete state-of-the-art and state-of-practice resources available. Have a look!

To the DSSC's Starter Kit

Advancing sovereign and trusted data sharing

We have officially kicked off our activities last October. Since then, we have been busy researching, analysing, and identifying European mobility data ecosystems and actively engaging with partners across the continent to promote our efforts. Our project coordinator, Lucie, recently had the opportunity to showcase PrepDSpace4Mobility at the Tomorrow.Mobility conference in Barcelona:

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Counting on you

We are making rapid progress on the PrepDSpace4Mobility project and expect to have the first preliminary results from our mapping of data ecosystems in mobility and logistics available within the next few weeks. To learn more about PrepDSpace4Mobility and provide early feedback, we are inviting experts in mobility, logistics, and data space technology to participate in the PrepDSpace4Mobility expert workshop #1. This virtual workshop, titled “Preparatory action for a common European mobility data space” will take place on January 31, 2023 from 15:00 to 17:30 CET. We hope you will join us for an exchange about the European data landscape and contribute to the success of the workshop with your expertise and interactive participation.

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To those who celebrate: Happy Holidays and a happy new year. We are en route to exciting times.

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