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It is Giving Tuesday 

once again... Our 

year-end push.


{$firstname}, you can help!

Water Is Life 🌎💧

End of the year matching

Water Charity is pleased to announce that, once again, we have an anonymous donor who will match your donations dollar for dollar up to $50,000.  The year-end push is important for 501(c)3 nonprofits, and can set us up for even bigger grants in the new year.

Get your tax write off and double the power of your dollar!

Give Back

Philanthropy Bargain

Our Madagascar WFE Program is giving incredible returns.  You can adopt a well in a drought torn region for as little as $750.

Ship Filters

Ship Filters to Pakistan

As some of you are aware, Pakistan had unprecedented flooding this fall.  Fully 1/3rd of the country was underwater.  Help the displaced avoid waterborne illness.


Donate Crypto & NFTs!

WC is setting up an exciting and easy to use portal to donate your cryptocurrencies, nfts, and other blockchain assets.  Stay tuned for the roll out or contact us now for our wallet address.  Get a tax refund with your tokens and coins!

Seeds of Life

Seedbank in Ghana

Check out this Permaculture and Heirloom Seedbank that WC supports.  Solomon has done many projects with us, and so bringing water to this incredible seedbank preserving African plants is the least we could do.  Buy their seeds!

Linked In

Linked In

Come join us on Linked In.  We post infrequently but would be happy to see you there.  Feel free to pop by and message us or send us comments.

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We post lots of pictures from our projects here.  They are all on the website, but if the gram is your jam... follow us.


Our Facebook Page

We don't post a lot or bug people for likes, but you can show support by following us and sharing.


QR Code for Donations

Trying to make it easier for people to donate, and many of you have asked if we can include this... so voila!  This QR code should take you to a PayPal donation page where you can pay with any normal forms of payment as you see fit.  💦

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