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September 14, 2022


"This situation is fundamentally crippling the vibrancy, resiliency, attractiveness and safety of our beloved Harlem"

In early August, GHC reached out to its 1800+ members asking a few simple questions including “What would you’d like to say to our elected officials regarding the systemic oversaturation of Harlem? What has its impact been on you, your family, your neighbors, and your community?”

In the collective responses, GHC members spoke of deep concern for their community and how life has changed for them. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing your voices across key themes. This week, we focus on the impact you have felt on our community.

Several long-term residents spoke to an overall decline in the feeling of community and many reported that they have curtailed their daily lives in response to the street drug use and sales. 

Here is what they said:

  • “As a 17-year resident of Council District… I can say that the over-saturation issue over the past several years has completely changed how I experience living in my neighborhood. It is my number one concern and has significantly impacted the quality of life in Harlem. It is downright DEPRESSING to walk around and run errands near 125th and Lenox, something that never used to be the case…”
  • “Open drug dealing and passed out addicts… has completely altered the day to day living experience of me and my neighbors. - Harlem resident, 25+ years”
  • “I have lived in my community for over 22 years and have never seen it in this condition. I had dreams of raising my child here but she is now afraid to leave the house with me and will only go out with her dad… There are needles all [over] the streets . We step over people halfway coherent. I really don't want to leave but my daughter is having so much anxiety. I plead to my elected officials for change and move out the clinics… We leave you in charge in our best interest but we can see that you lie in the hands of others and not your constituents. We pray everyday things get better.”

A few asked how this could happen to Harlem, a cultural treasure of this city.

  • “Systemic oversaturation of Harlem is taking away from the sense of community and safety. This community is being treated as a dumping ground instead of the cultural treasure that it is to the city.”
  • “In no other part of Manhattan are so many drug addicts hanging around in beautiful public spaces and ruining them than in Harlem. This is a disgrace to the Harlem community.”
  • “Why does the city so neglect the Harlem community? Marcus Garvey Park could be so beautiful but is a very dangerous place at night even it is very small compared to other Parks in the City. Early in the morning the sidewalk in front of Whole Foods is filled with drug affects and dealers."

GHC will share our collective responses with our elected officials including our  Harlem and East Harlem City Council members. You can also share your experiences with Council Members Jordan (Central Harlem) and Ayala (East Harlem) directly. 

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Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act of 2021

H.R.1384 (Introduced in the House by Rep. Tonko, Paul) and S.Res.389 (Introduced in the Senate by Sen. King, Angus S., Jr.) both under the name Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act of 2021, would remove the requirement that a health care practitioner apply for a separate waiver through the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to dispense certain narcotic drugs (e.g., buprenorphine) for maintenance or detoxification treatment (i.e., substance use disorder treatment).

Further, the bill would allow a community health aide or community health practitioner may dispense certain narcotic drugs for maintenance or detoxification treatment without registering with the DEA if the drug is prescribed by a health care practitioner through telemedicine. It preempts state laws related to licensure for this activity.

The bill also directs the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to conduct a national campaign to educate health care practitioners and encourage them to integrate substance use disorder treatment into their practices.

Please add your voice to these bills that will save lives by contacting Congress Member Adriano Espaillat and Senators Schumer.

THE M35:

New York's Worst Bus (but you knew that)

M35 Bus Data

The numbers are shocking, yet, somehow, not... to anyone who's seen or ridden on the M35 bus.

The M35 carries only an average of 176 people per day.  

The M35 has lost 83% of its ridership since 2016


Link to NYC's 311 System


Use the button below to anonymously report the illegal sale of drugs, chronic drug dealing, and individuals involved in such activities that you witnessed (in the past), or Call 311.

Every 311 call/text/email you make is a data point that the city uses to allocate resources and address the issues you report.

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