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Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky

August Newsletter

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Greetings and thank you for opening this email and continuing to support my work spreading the teachings and practices of yoga. For the past few years I have used a custom email tool I built myself to share news from my weekly classes and occasional events. Suddenly with my last email google decided that my newsletter was spam and filtered it out of most of my recipients inboxes. To move forward I have decided to use the services from sender.net to deliver my news. This email is mostly a resend of my last message with added information about my upcoming absences.

Sonic Dream Yoga Nidra

For the last 3 months I have been deepening into my collaborations with local yoga and sound legend Shemaia Skywater. We have been hosting and developing a 2hr event format that begins with Yoga Nidra and flows into a Soundbath. It has been very successful so far and we both continue to be very inspired by this scenario. We have also begun co-facilitating private Nidra + Sound sessions as well.

The next event will be held Saturday August 27th 7-9pm at Om Shala Yoga on South Gst in Arcata. Asking price is $35 and space is limited to 15 or so participants. Contact me to register and/or arrange an appropriate price for you

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Weekly Classes + Upcoming Absence

My 2 weekly classes have continued through the summer. The Saturday morning Hatha/Nidra class has developed a diverse cast of regulars who have been very supportive, especially of the Nidra practices I have been sharing. I recently added a recording from this class to the Nidra archive. The Monday evening Hatha class is cherished by me and a small group of dedicated students. I continue to offer first class free for any class you haven't been to and a flexible pricing strategy for anyone. yogijeffrey.info/first-class-free

I will not be available to teach during some upcoming weeks due to work and a trip to see family.

Monday Night class is only happening on 8/29 until 9/26. This class will not be subbed. After I return this class will resume weekly.

I will not teach on Saturday 8/20 and that week will be subbed by Shemaia. I will also be absent Saturdays 9/3 - 9/17 at Om Shala. These weeks will have subs as well to be determined later.

            Always feel free to email me if you have any questions, I love you all,
            Yogi Jeffrey

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