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Countdown to Launch


Have you heard about Cashero?

Cashero is the all-in-one mobile platform for high-yield savings, currency exchange and instant cross-border payments. We are your money's superhero.

Cashero recognises the problems faced by consumers worldwide and aims to alleviate them. The cost of living keeps rising but the interest rates offered by local banks cannot keep up. 

Find out more about a platform with No hidden fees, No minimum balance, No 'lock-in' and No stress.

10 Smart Facts on why people invest in Cashero:

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    Cashero's offering crosses 4 growing sectors:
    Banking, Blockchain, Finance, Technology:
    Giving investors exposure across different sectors. 

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    Cashero accesses Markets valued over $29trillion

    Cashero provides services in 4 key areas:

    Instant Payments, Global Payments, High Yield Accounts, FX/Multi Currency account.


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    Diversification of Risk

    Cashero can and will operate in over 120+ Countries, safeguarding the business against risks like; Covid, Brexit, War, Policy change etc. Investors can benefit from business profits generated from around the globe.

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    Cashero will serve the Banked, Unbanked and Underserved

    The Global unbanked population is 1.7bn people, Cashero will seek to service this demographic. 

    In 2019, unbanked users made Mobile money payments accounted for $690Bn dollars. E-commerce and mobile payments increased globally during the Covid-19 pandemic, with 9/10 online and e-commerce businesses reporting growth and increase in profits through the period.

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    Completed Technology and Platform

    Cashero's platform build was completed in December 2020. A full security audit was conducted in July 2021. Throughout 2022 the Cashero team made improvements to the front-end fascia of the platform and built out revenue share partner platforms to help catalyse the User Acquisition. A final security Audit will be completed by August 2022 ahead of the September App launch. 

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    Clear Marketing Strategy

    Cashero completed marketing tests with Ladder and HVSEO, the agencies responsible for spearheading the user acquisition for Monzo, Travelex, Aviva, ChimeBank, Nestle and many more. These data driven teams are tried and tested and conducted 17 months of tests and analysis for Cashero. 


    Cashero has also been securing agency agreements and revenue share agreements with external businesses and partners. The revenue partner typically has an existing client base. By offering Cashero's services, the partner can derive an additional income stream on existing clients holding deposited funds, whilst Cashero gains another user and increases their deposits under management. With more users and increased deposits, the more profit Cashero can generate from interest - therefore the more successful the company becomes and market cap / valuation increases.

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    Leading Security Teams

    Cashero uses Trail of Bits as external security auditors, providers responsible for and working with Facebook and the US Military - DARPA division.


    In 2022 Google partnered with Cashero to provide a fully funded security team to increase platform security.

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    Scaleability and Targets

    • Cashero has a target of 3m users by end of year 3 - September 2025.
    • Expected Assets under management / deposits circa $5bn+.
    • Expected data value £300m.
    • Expected Business value £2bn end of year 3.
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    Anticipated Returns for Investors

    • 40-60% on Launch
    • 200 – 500% Return by Month 12 from Launch
    • 500 – 800% Return by Month 24 from Launch
    • 1200 – 1800% Return by Month 36 from Launch
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    Exit Strategy

    2025 Market Listing (IPO)


    2025 Trade sale

    Investor Deadline Date: 31st August 2022

    Refer a Friend and Receive 100 Cashero Shares

    Please don't keep Cashero a secret. Cashero would love to receive support from like-minded individuals such as yourself. If you feel the opportunity may be relevant for people around you, please share this message link or complete the form below and information will be provided to them.

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    If you haven't already downloaded the application, which is now available for iOS and Android please do so by clicking the links below.

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