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Countdown to Launch


What is Cashero?

Cashero is a blockchain-based payment ecosystem.

Cashero provides inflation beating high interest yields, instant fee-free internal and cross border payments and multi currency accounts.

Cashero’s platform supports use by individuals, businesses, corporates and charities in 120+ countries.

What problems does Cashero look to solve?

  • High Inflation
  • High Remittance Fees on transfers
  • High FX Charges
  • Low Interest rates on deposits

What makes Cashero different to everyone else?

          Cashero offers:

  • The Highest interest rates – up to 5% APY paid in real time
        (Users accounts are credited with interest every 20 seconds)
  • The Lowest Fees – Many of our services are completely free of charge
  • Convenience – All 4 services in one place (High interest account – Instant Payments – Global Payments – Multi Currency Wallets)

    What is Cashero's story so far?

    The Cashero project was conceptualised 4 years ago to resolve the issues of low interest rates and high payment friction faced by consumers saving and remitting funds across the Globe.


    Cashero has received support from over 250 investors to date.

    The Technology development is now complete and Marketing tests conducted by the same teams that catered for Monzo and Revolut were completed in January 2022 following 17 months of tests and research.


    The team are currently scaling the technical and support teams and the Founding partners are speaking with strategic partners and investors ahead of the aggressive launch booked for September this year.

    When is Cashero going Live?

    22nd September 2022

    What is the plan for Cashero once launched?

    • Aggressive Online & Digital marketing with world leading teams like Ladder, HVSEO, Global UK
    • Aggressive White Label Agency and Ambassador agreements run on a revenue share model
    • Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions to catalyse expansion in over 120 Territories

    What is Cashero's Target?

    • To reach 1.8m – 3m + active users within 36 months of Launch
    • To amass $5bn + in Deposits within 36 months of Launch
    • Public Listing or Sale at a value of $2bn+ by month 36 of Launch

    How much is Cashero looking to raise?

    The £4.35m Pre Launch Round ends 31st August.

    Anticipated Returns and Forecasts for Investors?

    • 40-60% on Launch
    • 200 – 500% Return by Month 12 from Launch
    • 500 – 800% Return by Month 24 from Launch
    • 1200 – 1800% Return by Month 36 from Launch

    How did Cashero's Competitors fare and what did it mean for their Investors?

    2500% Return for those participating in primary funding round (2016) to 2019
    Click Here
    to Read Article


    1900% Return for those participating in 2016 to 2018
    Click Here
    to Read Article

    How do I get involved?

    1) Learn more – Speak to your ambassador to receive further information

    2) Register interest with your ambassador

    3) Provide AML / KYC information for compliance verification

    4) Receive and sign your subscription letter for your equity purchase

    5) Complete payment transaction for your equity purchase

    6) Cashero shares credited and Investor registration completed

    What do I receive as an Investor?

    As an investor you will receive Shares in the parent company, Romans 828 Limited. Romans 828 Ltd owns Cashero, the technology, source code, IP and any future ideas and off-shoots created by the team. Romans 828 ltd currently owns a Swiss Licenced entity that integrates with regulated and licenced partners across the globe and an Estonian entity that caters for the administration and employment of all Cashero employees. 


    As an Investor you will receive a Share certificate showcasing the number of shares you have purchased. You will also receive bulletins and updates on the Company's progress.

    What is my exit plan?

    • Sale of Shares via Platform to Secondary / Private Market from 2023
    • Company Buy-Back options from 2023
    • Public Listing or Trade Sale expected 2025

    Oh... One more thing

    By supporting Cashero you will be assisting Cashero in its outreach to serve over 1.7 Billion people around the Globe who currently have little to no access to digital payments or banking facilities. Cashero will raise awareness of its facilities in these highly unbanked territories supporting these individuals, their growing businesses and encouraging local economies. 


    Cashero will also be the first platform to allow Charities to receive donations in full -  without a fee - meaning that a 100% of a persons donation will reach its intended target.

    Investor Deadline Date: 31st August 2022

    Refer a Friend and Receive 100 Cashero Shares

    Please don't keep Cashero a secret. Cashero would love to receive support from like-minded individuals such as yourself. If you feel the opportunity may be relevant for people around you, please share this message link or complete the form below and information will be provided to them.

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    If you haven't already downloaded the application, which is now available for iOS and Android please do so by clicking the links below.

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