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FaucetGamers News & Promos

Glad you are part of FaucetGamers! I am excited to share what is happening on the site and going to happen in the near future. I hope you trust as your go to source for crypto earning! 

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CPX-Research Promo Until 8/14

10% bonus for you and 10% bonus for Ukraine of your CPX-Research survey earnings from now until August 14!

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Challenges, Crypto Pirates PFTs Coming Sept. 1!

Earning on FaucetGamers is about to get more interesting and fun! Due to launch Sept 1 is a big Crypto Pirates update:

- Our bonus earning Challenge section will double in size and have more ways to earn!

- Challenges also will reward collectibles called PFTs (NFT like Pirate tokens) that will increase Naval Power in our pirates passive game!

- A quarterly (3 month) contest will run and award large Gold Coin prizes to those that can collect PFT sets. 

- Our first quarter will be extended an extra month, so users have more time to collect PFTs and figure out the new addition!

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Gift Cards / DASH

FaucetGamers plans to add two new withdrawal options! Gift cards and DASH coin. We are now approved with a gift card provider, and look forward to implementing both of these exciting new withdrawal options before the end of the year.

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August Arcade Contest!

New this month is virtual bowling! It is a challenge, but with enough time, even you can score a perfect game!

Upcoming - 

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2022 Goals Projects

  • Add DASH / gift card withdrawal options
  • Arcade game improvements
  • Increased marketing focus
  • Referral contest coming in October!
  • Android App integration
  • 2 new offerwalls coming soon!

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Promo Codes

Thanks for making it to the end! Here is a special newsletter promo code: KEEPSAILING

“Reflect upon your present blessings—of which every man has many—not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”
—Charles Dickens 


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