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- April 2022

News for Action  
A monthly newsletter to spread the seeds and connect the dots. 

Robbery causes fear and inflicts harm, but what does research tell us about the past experiences of young people arrested in London for the offence? An article in this month’s newsletter shows their levels of ACEs are very high: two to five times higher than in other estimates for London.

We don’t have to agree with all the authors’ recommendations to acknowledge that such levels testify to the social and emotional impacts of ACEs. How long do we have to wait for a truly adequate response to London’s neglected populations?

In our lived experiences section, a video featuring the voices of prisoners gives a very personal expression to feelings which a new policy vision must recognise. 

As the London ACEs Hub, we offer our shared commitment to highlight the consequences of policy failure in London and elsewhere, and to bring together our communities in a concerted bid for change. 

This commitment can also be seen in our recent series: Three Evenings on Racial Trauma and Growth. The recording of the first evening is now available on the LAH YouTube channel and website. More details below!

Once again, we do appreciate all your suggestions and comments about the contents of this newsletter. Get in touch!

Time for News for Action!

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London ACEs Hub

Evening I of the series Three Evenings on Racial Trauma and Growth, a London ACEs Hub Racial Justice Workgroup event in partnership with Trauma Informed Schools UK.
Recorded on 23 March 2022 with special guests Desmond Skyers and Danielle Hibbert.

An excellent film and brilliant speakers made this programme extra-special! Catch up with the speakers’ reflections and audience discussion at the first session. More to come later this month!

Beyond the Hub 

An one-day online seminar with Christiane Sanderson.

Date: 7 May 2022

Cost: £135

The fourth Global Resiliency Accelerator event online, with Dr Warren Larkin and Becky Haas.

Date: 17 May 2022

Cost: Free

An online event promoted by Caspari Foundation presenting Dr Graham Music and his new book. 

Date: 18 May 2022

Cost: £0 – £30

This conference will examine and provide an understanding of trauma in the context of the maternity journey. The event is organised by Maternity and the Newborn Forum and will include Dr Rebecca Moore, Clare Law, Elsa Montgomery, and Dr Melanie White.

Date: 20 May 2022

Location: Royal Society of Medicine

Cost: From £176 for consultants to £55 for students

History, Fear, Ego, Inhuman appetites, Bigotry and Trauma. All dehumanise and label the human sentient being. Join to explore why. An event promoted by by StoryAID.

Date: 26 May  - 30 June 2022 (six x 2hr sessions)

Cost: £0 – £92

This event funded by London Borough of Brent welcomes all communities and will give insights on how to approach discussions around Black mental health and accessing treatment. With Bella Rareworld, founder of Think Tenacity Academy CIC.

Date: 31 May 2022

Cost: Free

26 top experts share the latest strategies to help clients heal. Training program organised by NICABM.

Date: On demand

Cost: $197 - 50% Off for a Limited Time


A Tavistock and Portman Clinic webinar with Dr Sheena Webb. Recorded on 19 April 2022. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage where you can register to receive a recording of the webinar for free.

A Stuart Hall Foundation webinar with James Nazroo and Lanre Malaolu. Recorded on 11 May 2021.

Reports & Tools
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Executive summary, published by the Home Office on 1 April 2022.

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The Attachment Research Community and fellow organisations will launch its Call to Action Campaign in the House of Commons on Tuesday 28 June 2022, campaigning for parliamentary support for change to the education system. Click the title above to find out how you can support the Call to Action.

Racial Justice
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Black children are more likely to face tougher punishments at school because they are viewed as "less innocent" and more adult-like, a report says. Adina Campbell, community affairs correspondent from BBC News, highlights report findings. 29 April 2022.

Interview with Elizabeth Alexander by Robin Rose Parker. The Washington Post magazine, 12 April 2022. 

Lived Experience

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Insights and reflections from inmates following a workshop by the Compassion Prison Project where they journeyed through sorrow, joy, and compassion while addressing childhood trauma.

Published on Recovery in the Bin - A critical theorist and activist collective, 29 April 2022.

News & Initiatives
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The Council of the London Borough of Waltham Forest are seeking tenders from suitably experienced and qualified organisations for the contract for the provision of embedded youth violence hospital workers as part of the Violence Reduction Partnership. Contract till March 2025. Expression of interest window closes 23 May, 12 a.m.

Articles & Books
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Article by Lorraine Hilder and colleagues, Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing, November 2021.

Article by Gareth Norris and Heather Norris, Frontiers in Sport and Active Living, 15 July 2021.

Article by Dr Naomi Fisher, Progressive Education, 9 April 2022. 

Article by Elizabeth Marks and colleagues. Preprints with the Lancet, 

7 September 2021.

Article by Eleanora Iob and colleagues, Molecular Psychiatry,

February 2022.

A Dot of Inspiration

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Disclaimer: News for Action is a collection of initiatives and information shared by members and collaborators of the London ACEs Hub (LAH).

The LAH is an independent and non-partisan network and the opinions here presented might not represent the LAH. All items included in this newsletter aim to promote constructive discussion as well as personal and collective development.

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