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Pruning and Fine Tuning
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As the month closes out, I can say I finished the work on The Improvisers some weeks ahead of my deadline. Although not done done. I sill need to do what I call the polish round, in which is mostly a clean up edit. At this point in the process I'm not looking to rewrite large swaths of pages. It's mostly about fine tuning and working to improve what I have on page.

And it's good time I'm at this stage. I got a few events coming up this fall. The first being an 8-minute virtual reading in which I will share the stage with some fellow authors. Join if you like to check out the other authors and books -  and I believe there's some giveaways going on.

I also have two in-person events coming later on. I don't know if there's any virtual component at the moments, but you're in the area come check it out.

Upcoming Events

Strong Women-Strange Worlds

First Friday-Third Thursday Quick Reads (Virtual)


Thursday, September 15 at 7:00pm EST


Hampton Roads Writer Conference in Virginia Beach, VA

Sept 22- 24



Authors’ Chat: Deanna Raybourn and Nicole Glover

Williamsburg Public Library  - Williamsburg VA

Oct 15  1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Craft Corner

I know I'm at the end of revision when I reach two steps. First is the printing of the entire book (2 pages per sheet, double-sided). It helps me to "see" the book better compared to reading it on the screen. Errors, silly mistakes, and page count becomes easier to notice when I can actually hold the pages. Although my handwriting can get a little messy, some of the best changes come from me scribbling something in the margins. There's a certain finality to printing out. Since it many papers, I want sure the book is good shape as possibly. It's a massive waste to print things out, if a third of book is crossed out  right away. So printing in some ways in more psychological as I know I'm near the end.

A second step in my end of revision process, and the very last thing I do, is listen to it. In the version of MS Word I use, there's a speech to text function. The voice is rather robotic and jarring at first listen, but it's a good way to catch missing words that my brain automatically back fills as I read. Listening also keys me in to any friction in the text. Anything that sounds off, is an immediate pause for me to check. With my new laptop letting have Bluetooth connection, I can cook, clean, do other chores while listening.

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