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Spectacular Summer News

Though crypto prices may be down, FaucetGamers isn't! We are growing at a steady pace and on board to crush last year's earning and payout record! Checkout many awesome things happening on the site below: 

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Sizzling Summer Survey Contest!

July 14 through 23 are 10 days to crunch out as many surveys as possible from any of our survey offerwalls to earn up to 25% bonus on all your survey earnings for those 10 days! Over 30 places will receive bonus for this survey period. Details of the contest will be posted on Wednesday this week, and then let the fun start on Thursday! 


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Earning with a Purpose

We really are blessed to have a site that has many generous members that give to each other and to noble causes throughout the world. Starting in July, we have begun raising money that will go to the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine through the United Way. Visit the Charitable Earnings section on the Home page. To date FaucetGamers has raised over $335 for charity!

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PFTs (Pirate Funding Treasures)

After much thought, we've decided the best way to open Chapter 2 of Crypto Pirates is to introduce PFTs, which are NFT like treasures to collect. They will be earned based on various site activity such as logging in each day, doing offers, and getting referrals. Each PFT will be worth Crypto Pirate Naval Power and collecting them will also offer bonus earnings! Project #1, coming soon!

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Time to Try TimeWall!

If you haven't tried it out yet, our newest offerwall TimeWall features tons of PTC ads for everyone! It also has many tasks available for all countries and some surveys too. The signup process for it is a bit difficult, but it is worth the effort. Please try it out. 

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FaucetGamers LLC

FaucetGamers is now registered as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) in the United States. We also officially have a mailing address in Pennsylvania! This will allow us to further expand our site and incorporate some planned features such as gift card withdrawals!

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July Arcade Contest!

New this month is Hexagon Fall. This is a unique game that should be a lot of fun. Stop in and try to climb the leaderboard!

Upcoming - 

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2022 Goals Projects

  • PFT upgrade
  • Add DASH / gift card  (if possible) withdrawal options
  • Arcade game improvements
  • Increased marketing focus
  • Referral contest!
  • Begin work on Android App

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Promo Codes

Thanks for making it to the end! Here is a special newsletter promo code: FG4Life

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~Winston Churchill


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