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June 29, 2022

Vol. 6, Issue 6

Conclave 2022

Conclave is now just over 2 months away! 

Three days of great training, fun activities, interactive competitions, exciting shows, and tons of fellowship – you will not want to miss it! 

Registration is REQUIRED to attend. What are you waiting for? Register today!

Chiefly Speaking


Congratulations to the class of 2022 on your wonderful accomplishment. Best of wishes to each and every one of you on your future endeavors.

Summer is here right now! There is so much in store for everyone. We have NOAC coming up, our own unit’s campouts and summer camps. Take advantage of this summer to try new things and go out of your comfort zone. Who knows what you can accomplish

NOAC @ Home

Unable to make the trip to Knoxville, TN for NOAC this summer? Consider attending NOAC from the comfort of your own home, or wherever else you may be this summer!

Arrowmen can sign up to attend NOAC as a remote delegate.

What do remote delegates get? Remote delegates will receive the same memorabilia as in-person delegates and will have access to live-streamed content throughout the week, including the evening shows! Remote delegates will build an online community and have the chance to interact with one another on a virtual platform specially designed for the conference.

How much does it cost? It is just $75 and includes all the NOAC swag, live streams, online community platform, archive of all streamed content.

Sign up to be a remote delegate today atregistration.oa-bsa.org.

2022 Conclave Patches

We are excited to announce the 2022 conclave patches and the first patches ever for Section G16!

Make sure to come to conclave to get your patches! Register for conclave today at conclave.sectiong16.org.

A limited number of patches will be available online soon, so stay tuned!

Introduction to Patch Trading

— by Paul Kelly

Patches, patches, patches… What is this patch trading thing? We see patches exist for activities, rank, and recognitions. Why trade them, why collect them? Well, the answer is really an individual one. Patch trading at its core provides opportunities for a Scout to connect with other Scouts. It helps create connections and ultimately leads to friendships, another way to look at it is its fellowship.

I personally got into patch trading as a youth collecting local district activity patches and once I attained membership in the Order of the Arrow my collecting broadened to Order of the Arrow lodge flaps and activity patches. At Order of the Arrow functions, I noticed other Scouts trading patches during Cracker Barrels and it always intrigued me why they’d go to the level of effort to haul patches to an event (I’m now one of those people that owns a wagon to carry them in).

Announcing the Conclave Mobile App

The 2022 Section G16 Conclave will feature a mobile app! 

The conclave mobile app will serve as a “hub” for the event. Participants will be able to access all the important information about conclave previously located in the printed participant guide and several new, interactive features. 

The ability to receive push notifications will allow the conclave leadership to send out important reminders, updates, and alerts throughout the event, making sure participants don’t miss a thing. 

Unlike a native mobile app that you download from an app store, the conclave mobile app will be a progressive web app and will operate on virtually any device using the device’s internet browser. 

The mobile app will be available to all registered conclave participants and will launch at the beginning of September. 

For more information about the conclave mobile app project, click the button below.


Sign Up to Be a Mobile App Tester!

We are looking for Arrowmen to be part of our testing group! 

Mobile app testers will run a variety of tests from a provided checklist on their personal mobile devices in various device/browser conditions and configurations. 

In addition to playing a vital role in the success of the mobile app, testers will be among the first Arrowmen in the section to see the full app and its features before the event.

Interested in being a mobile app tester? Click the button below and fill out our sign-up form. 

Volunteer for Conclave Activities

This year’s conclave-wide game will be bigger and better than ever!

Using the conclave mobile app, participants will scan QR codes to “check-in” at activities, training sessions, special events, and exhibits to earn points and complete achievements.

There are four parts to this year’s conclave-wide game:

  • Individual Competition: Arrowmen will compete against each other to climb to the top of the leaderboard by getting the most points.
  • Chapter Competition: Chapters will compete against each other to dominate the competition. Each chapter will get an average score based on their attendance at the event, so even the smallest chapter can win!
  • Scavenger Hunt: The conclave scavenger hunt will take Arrowmen around to the different museums and attractions at Powerland Heritage Park. At each stop, participants will be required to solve a riddle, answer a trivia question, or complete a task.
  • Conclave Spirit Award: The spirit award is an individual award that every conclave participant can earn, no competition required. Complete the requirements, earn the achievement, and get your Spirit Award patch!

Don’t miss out on a fun and engaging conclave game experience. Register for conclave today!

Arrow of Honor Submissions

The section is currently seeking nominations for the Section Arrow of Honor. 

Nomination forms are due by August 13, 2022, and should be submitted to section adviser Vince Bishop at [email protected]

Join the Conclave Staff

Conclave would not be possible without all the amazing volunteers working tirelessly leading up to, and during, the event.

The section is still looking for staff for this year’s conclave. Positions are open for both youth and adults!

Interested in getting involved in the section and helping make conclave a success? Sign up to be on conclave staff today!


Did you tune into our first G16 Live on our Instagram account on Monday, June 20th with Gateway Region Chief Dirk Smelser?

Dirk chatted about his Scouting journey, time as region chief, the upcoming NOAC, and more with our section Comms Team youth lead Jack Lewy in an exclusive live interview. 

If you missed it, you can check out the recording on our YouTube Channel.

Powder Horn Training

— by Butch Istook

“Wow! Our Troop needs to do way more of this stuff!” – A Senior Patrol Leader after attending Powder Horn

This year, youth aged 14 or older and adults in our section have an amazing opportunity to attend Powder Horn – a high adventure resource management course, or, in simpler terms, you learn to do high adventure activities by doing high adventure activities!

The course will be held over two weekends at two amazing Scout properties. Starting Friday morning, August 19th through Sunday, August 21st at Camp Pigott in the Chief Seattle Council, you will meet with other adventurous Scouts and Scouters and enjoy the amazing program opportunities there. Things like High and Low COPE courses, waterfront activities, and SHOOTING a 50 CALIBER RIFLE!

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