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CMCSMen Blog: The Stability Of A Father
God designed men to be natural leaders.
A Father is like a tower to a child’s life, a Godly figure of carrying us and being our hero. Photo: Copyright 2013 Frank J Casella.

The Stability of a Father – A Father is like a tower to a child’s life, a Godly figure of carrying

us and being our hero. Photo: Copyright 2013 Frank J Casella. Get your copy here.

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By Frank J Casella

I was reminded of this picture from my photo archives, because I think it sends an important message. We need to have pictures like this as examples to carry through the generations. Because the importance of this is taken for granted.

Here's why ...

I went to a parade with my family. Next to us was a little girl who wanted her dad to lift her up onto his shoulders. But dad refused, several times. The girl looked crushed, as did her mom. You might think because she didn’t get what she waned, but what I saw in her eyes was she wanted her Dad, and she wanted him to save the day and not only let her look down the road at the parade coming, but to carry her and be her source of stability.

Instead, Dad would rather stare at his phone, or put his hands on his wife’s butt. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for these, and a parade with family is not it. The roll of the Father is to set the tone for the household and to lift his family to Heaven.

Speaking of butts and lifting, my family had a Golden Retriever Dog. He had been though so much in life that we called him The Wonder Dog, and his name is Buddy. When Buddy needed to come into the house late in his life he had trouble going up the three stairs, we had to lift up his butt to provide support because he couldn’t do it alone.

This gets me to thinking how much God is always there to lift us up with a similar kind of support. How, like Buddy, when we are afraid or can’t do it alone, God is there to lift us up and to trust Him. And the same goes for what we do as dad’s, to lift up our family to provide support and stability … and trust.

I don't think this matters how much money you make, or what your identity in the world is, when you are a dad you will always be a dad, and your children look up to you as a Godly figure no matter if they tell you this or not - you are the one who is suppose to provide stability.

God designed us men to be natural leaders, and to set the tone and mission for the family, while mom nurtures the family. Now I know some of these things mom and dad do overlap, and there are ways that God has gifted each gender. And I know that society today down-plays the role of the father and the family unit. And I know that society needs to get out of the way so that us men can lead the way God designed us. But remember, God says you are to lead the family and your leadership must agree with the word of God.

But, having said all of that, the most important thing you can do as a man and as a father is to remember this picture. Lift up your family, your wife and your children, no matter how much they lift you up or not. For God is watching you, that is all you need.

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