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Monthly news feed about engineering education in Europe and overseas

I'm honoured to be elected the president of SEFI. After my term of two years, I'd like to be proud of my work. At this stage, I want to thank my predecessor, professor Yolande Berbers and say that she can be proud of her work as the SEFI president. It has not been the easiest two years as the SEFI president.

I want to thank all our members for their activity. You are the ones that make SEFI flourish. Some of you have even taken responsibility as BoD members, SIG chairs, event organisers, journal editors, and officers of SEFI, not forgetting our staff in the headquarters in Brussels.

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Years ago, I was a first-comer in the SEFI annual conference. I felt a little bit lost, as I didn't know the people, and several working groups (current SIGs) and their roles were confusing. Now I feel SIGs represent something very important to me: a holistic view on engineering education. It's not only curricula or ideas to teach - or better said, making learning happen. It is attractiveness, ethics, sustainability, diversity, and much more. SEFI is also a society, and now I feel I'm among my friends when I attend the SEFI meetings, conferences included. I hope all our members can share that feeling.

During the last two years, we have worked online because of COVID-19. The pandemic made us invent new ways to work. One of the new concepts is [email protected] which will make it easier for us all to attend SEFI events between the annual conferences.

The General Assembly accepted a new strategy for SEFI. It gives me the guideline for the following two years. The strategy is something to be implemented, it's not a collection of nice ideas to be mentioned in speeches. We all have our share, small or big, in that work.

I'm looking forward to working with you. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face at SEFI events or conferences.

Hannu-Matti Järvinen

SEFI President 2021-2023


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17-19 November 2021 - Unversidad Carlos III, Madrid. We are delighted to announce that the European Convention for Engineering Deans will take place in person in Madrid. The main topic of this year tries to deal with one important issue we should address as Deans of Faculties of Engineering: 

  • How to prepare our students to work in a non-defined future, where boundary conditions are continuously changing and multiple stakeholders take part?

    10 November 2021, 14:30 – 16:30 CET register here

    How we hold ourselves and move about (literally our bodies) in relation to each other, STS, education, science and technology as key to having agency in the future of science and technology. During this seminar, we will ask for your participation in a couple of examples of how we encourage STS postures in our students.

    16 November 2021, 13-15:00 CET register here
    Introduction to Engineering Skills Special Interest Group. What is the contemporary engineering skill set and are we ready to teach them? Results from the 2021 SEFI Engineering Skills survey completed by SEFI members at this years conference, plus guest speakers and opportunity for discussion.

    SEFI 2021 Best Paper Awards - paper presentations

    7 December 2021, 12:30 – 14:30 CET register here

    It is a pleasure to offer you a [email protected] session where you can meet the “best papers” of SEFI 2021. In the seminar you will get familiar with the latest research and development within Engineering Education. Additionally, you can discuss the papers with the authors and other attendees, which is an excellent opportunity to network within the friendly SEFI community.


    Engineering Skills Special Interest Group Survey 2021

    SEFI invites your opinions on closing the engineering skills gap to meet world challenges; graduate attributes needed, teaching and learning barriers, and examples of best practice. Please take this 5-minute anonymous survey. Next year we will publish its findings which should help you to better express, embed and evidence skills in your university.

    Answer the survey


    The European University Alliance ENHANCE held its first Staff Week at Univeritat Politècnica de València during 19-22 October 2021. SEFI VP Luis Manuel Sánchez Ruiz attended some of the meetings and discussions of the event that was opened by UPV Rector Jose E. Capilla with Keynote by Secretary General of the ENHANCE Alliance Naveed Syed. ENHANCE is coordinated by Technical University of Berlin and includes Warsaw University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano, RWTH Aachen University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, and Universitat Politècnica de València. SEFI is an Associate Partner of the Alliance. Read more

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    Our latest webinar recordings are available on YouTube


    Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming every aspect of the value chain in manufacturing, logistics, and management consulting. In this course series, you’ll learn the basics behind some of these breakthrough technologies and their business applications, including improved productivity, quality, and cycle-time benefits within manufacturing and logistics. Challenges and risks for businesses will also be addressed. Register here

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    9 November 2021 1-2 pm CET- online. 

    Are you teaching students or developing curricula in Chemistry, Engineering, BioTech or related fields? Are you wondering about the most relevant skills and how to teach them? This webinar will provide some answers and insights from an industry perspective. Free registration here.


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    10 November

    14:30-16:30 CET

    SEFI @ work: Worskhop: Participatory tech assessment in engineering education

    Register here

    16 November

    13:00-15:00 CET

    [email protected]: Engineering Skills Session 1: “Engineering skill sets across Europe”

    Register here

    17-19 November

    European Convention for Engineering Deans 2021

    Register here

    7 December

    12:30-14:30 CET

    [email protected]: SEFI 2021 Best Paper Awards

    Register here


    8 November 2021 10:30-14:30 CET - The symposium brings together universities, national research performing organisations and research funding organisations to look at how we collectively upgrade our ambitions, and how we can work together with non-academic partners shaping knowledgeable societies for a sustainable future. Register here.

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    18-19 November 2021 - The Forum, entitled “Building trust and enhancement: from information to evidence”, will combine online sessions about European policies and trends, research, and practical case examples related to the Forum theme and more generally about current developments in quality assurance. More info and registration.

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    17 - 18 February 2022 - University of Deusto | Bilbao, Spain - The European Learning & Teaching Forum is an EUA event that provides an opportunity for participants to meet and discuss developments in learning and teaching at European universities. The Forum is an ideal event for vice-rectors for academic affairs, deans, and management involved in learning and teaching. It also welcomes students, policy-makers and other stakeholders in higher education. More info and registration.



    Under the umbrella of Horizon Europe, Europa Media is organizing a series of webinars:

    Horizon Europe Proposal Writing: The things you were too scared to ask - 03 November

    Project Management and Reporting in Horizon Europe: What changed? - 04 November 


    The European Union and the United Kingdom benefit from joint research and innovation, as well as interconnected universities that strive for excellence and cooperation. Europe’s universities are united in their call to safeguard this research and innovation cooperation through fast association of the UK to the Horizon Europe programme. Many, deep and long-lasting partnerships are at stake. These are of high value to Europe as a whole – and to the world at large.

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    Voice of the Online Learner 2021

    Amplifying student voices in extraordinary times.


    SEFI thanks its corporate partners for their support:

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